Wednesday, 25 May 2011

News round up- festivals

I can't believe how quickly the months are flying by! in a few days it will be June and I will be off on my holidays to lovely Cornwall to take part in the 3 wishes faerie festival! I won't be a vendor at this event but instead relaxing and having fun with all my fellow faerie friends.
I went to this event last year and I had such fun that I was already planning on taking the time off work for the festival as I work at weekends.

In April I had a stall at the Magical Faerie festival in Canterbury. I am so blessed to have such a brilliant event so close to my home. The Friday night consisted of a faerie ball which I always have great fun at and this time was no exception! 
I even got steampunked up for this event, so technically I was not a faerie. Music included the amazing Toyah, she even signed my old Beta Max video tape :)

Me with Toyah, Linda Ravenscroft and Esther Remmington, three very inspirational women who I love.
Also playing was the Gypsy Nomans or Frenchy and the Punk as they now wish to be known as were amazing, they even dedicated the song House of cards to me because of my Steampunk attire ;)
I was not the only Steampunk at the ball, my friend John Webster of
came along with the lovely Sarah and he had put together a great outfit of top hat, goggles and an impressive set of wings.

Photos taken by  LJS digital photography 

The next three days were brilliant but over all too quickly. I got to meet many new artists and other vendors and catch up with friends I had made last year too.
I was really pleased with how my table looked this year as well thanks to my awesome new banner and shelves I had painting to display by top hats which sold very well. I made eight and sold nearly all of them!
The toadstool houses didn't do as well this year :( even my friends amazing toadstool doorstop did not get snapped up. check out her lovely things at

On the Sunday we went for a wonderful meal out with artists from the UK and America. It was a good job I knew of good places to eat in Canterbury as we were all able to get a long line of tables and have a proper banquet. This was the highlight of this years festival for me.

In other news I have purchased a iPad 2. It was expensive but I love it! I can not wait to see what direction this will mean for my art work. The idea of being able to draw directly on to the screen has always appealed to me when I first had a try of a Wacom Cintiq but those are thousand of pounds and I could only dream.

Now with my iPad it means I can do digital sketches while I am out and about! No need to scan in drawings as I can directly e-mail them to my main art PC and touch them up in corel painter. At the moment I am having diffiluctly getting use to the touch screen using my finger tips. Wacom have produced a style specially for the iPad and I hope to get one of these as I am much more comfortable using a pen tool.

Also my art work is now available as fabric blocks for Crafters and Quilters

Also the Summer issue of The Faeries and Angels Magazine is out now featuring my article about The faerie kings and Queens. Available from

Phew Ok I think that is everything up to date now!

Phew! I think that is everything for